Minha primeira vez com duas irmãs (13 min)

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It was the end of the evening .
I saw April, sitting at a table in the far corner of the restaurant, her eyes didn’t see me, as she was still looking for Michael to come in
Minha primeira vez com duas irmãs (13 min) 1

Chupa Minha primeira vez com duas irmãs (13 min)

I must have sucked the man’s cock for at least 20 minutes, when I sensed his cock was ready to ejaculate, I released my mouth from his cock, the man instructed me to stand up and bend over so I placed my hands on the toilet cistern and arched my bottom, the man pulled my panties over my bottom resting them below my ass cheeks then he injected his cum load between the cheeks of my behind, he must have been really frustrated because the spunk not only saturated the entrance of my anus but also the gusset of my panties, He was another elderly gentleman; he didn’t look too bright, as I approached the urinal there was a well dressed man standing in front of one of the urinals, I knew he was looking for some cock by the time he stayed at the urinal, he stood back from the urinal with enough of a view for me to have a glimpse at him stroking his half hard cock, he looked at me and smiled, I undid my school trousers and unzipped my fly the opened my blazer and lifted up my shirt to expose my panties, the man beckoned me to join in the toilet cubicle, these old cubicles had no opening under the partition they were solid wood built, I said I’d love but what about the toilet attendant, the man assured me he given him a few cock magazines, he knew the score and would keep an eye in case any Police etc were around .

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Her breasts were swinging in my face, Click here. At first I didn’t even look up from my book

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