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Brendan was quickly marched over and shackled to a bench . ” Brendan meant for it to be a plea but it sounded more like
a commmand
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She held me for a time as I kissed her deeply and she began to relax, so I pulled back and shove my hard manhood into her ripping her virginity into the forgotten past, just as I pushed thru her cherry I stopped again for a moment as she tighten up again and screamed into my mouth, then I began moving back and forth slowly, but deeper and deeper as I went,
“Give me a few minutes and yes it was good, too damn good, I’m glad we have all day cause I need to fuck you again and again”
“What a beautiful dick you have, it fills me so good, can I touch it?”
“Touch it yes by all means, touch it, kiss it, play with it, suck it, fuck it, just don’t hurt it”
“Oh no never hurt it”
And with that she began rubbing it lightly, I showed her now to stroke it slowly, which she did very well at that I might add .

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The sticky wetness of feminine moisture assailed my probing tongue, Click here. With my curiosity aroused, I crept forward to investigate

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