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Grandma Friends - Live Cam Moonsilk agreed to have sex with Stepbrother is very Happy 1

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This place used to be a little strip mall but now the only active business in it was an adult bookstore i had been out on the road for 3 days visiting my kid who lived with my Ex wife in Indiana and was headed home my head was aching and i saw there were several restaraunts at this exit so i pulled off and only glanced at the bookstore

i went into the only restaraunt i could find that wasnt fast food (fast food coffee sucks ) and ordered a BLT and a cup of coffee as i was leaving i noticed there wasnt very many vehicles at the bookstore there was a lot with about 7 or 8 18 wheelers and another lot with 3 maybe 4 cars so i figured since it was like 10 am what kind of trouble could i get into ?

so i drove over parked far away frm the other vehicles and went in as sson as i was inside i saw a lady in her late fifties i would guess behind a glass topped counter which was filled with sex toys she actually asked for Id i showed her my license and sort of wandered around the store looking at mags,toys and dvds

i drifted towards the back of the store and saw what looked like an atm slot but it was actually the reverse it was where you could put a 20 dollar bill in and go through to unlimited peep shows hadnt been in a peep show in 15 or more years so i put my money in and went back inside

insid eoyu could either turn left and go a few spaces to a hallway where there were about 30 booths mos of them off another hallway that ran perpindicular to the one i was in again you could go left or right if you went left there were about 20 individual booths if you went right here was about 10 and then you could go back right into waht was called a theater just an oversized room with a big screen tv which was showing gay movies then there was a bathroom across the entrance from this room going back the way i came i found another theater this one showing straight porn i sat dwon for awhile in that one thinking i was alone as it was very dark

after a bit i discovered i wasnt alone as i heard coughing

unsure who was there i decided to check out the peepes the 20 i paid at the door got me unlimited viewing time in any unoccupied booth so i fond one and made myself comfortable and flipped thru the channels hoping to find a good movie to jack off to

i found a good movie which had a girl in pigtails blowing guy and she was very good at it and i soon felt my cock stiffen

i rubbed myself and soon my cock was throbbing i looked around the booth which also was very dark and figured i ws sfe enough as the door had a lock on it

i was stroking my cock when i became aware that someone had entered the booth to my left

this was also the time i became aware that there was a hole in the wall between the 2 booths and the preson in the other booth was peeking into mine whoever he was he changed his video to yhe same as mine and waited

my curiosity got the better of me and i peekd into his booth he was stroking too and i saw his cock was a bit bigger than mine i felt funny as i stared at him i found myself glancing from the screen in my booth to the action going on next door

he said somethng i still dont know what but it must have been want a closer look ? cause the next thing i knew he stood up and stuck his dick through the hole into my booth

my heart raced i gulped and felt like little pins and needles where being stuck in me

i couldnt believe what i did next i grasped his cock and thought this must be how a woman feels when she does this i couldnt stop stroking him his cock twitched and i heard him moan softly as i played with his cock

then i gulped hard and as if obeying some unheard command i bent my head down close to his cock i opened my mouth and took the head in my mouth i bobbed twice and then felt as if i was about to throw up so i pulled off and resumed stroking the feelings of lust rushed through me my breath was quick and i hesitated about 30 seconds

then i went back down and took his throbbing cock back in my mouth i bobbed maybe 5 times and felt revulsion once again and had to pull off there was a paper towel dispenser in the booth i took one off the roll and gently cleaned his cock

i took a deep breath and for the third time bent down this time the salty taste wasnt as strong and i began rhythmic bobbing sucking this strangers cock

he soon began a slow humping motion and i realized i was having my first gay experience i to this day consider my self 3/4 straight and 1/4 gay i prefer a pussy to a cock anytime but i would be lying if i told you i didnt enjoy what was happening

i was really enjoying what was happening when i realized the guy in the other booth i was sucking was gently tapping on the wall to get my attention i pulled off his cock and sat up taking a paper towel i dried my lips and he bent down to the hole and said for me to come outside and follow him

again my heart raced but i guess the slut in me was being released as i did follow him out he walked down the hall mostly deserted now to the theater where the gay movies were shown

he sat on a couch and had me sit next to hi he unzipped his pants and asked if iwould like to finish dont worry we are the only ones in this part of the building he said as she undid his pants and slid them down i gulped and knew i was going to finish i leaned over and took his cock in my mouth and started to bob once again he ran his hands up and down my back as he praised me for the great blow job i was giving

he soon had me stop and told me to sit up and undo my pants i did and he leaned down to suck me my head ws swimming not gonna tell you this is the best blow job i ever got but it is in the top 10 he expertly blew me i looked at the screen and saw a guy fucking another guy in the ass as my new suck buddy blew me

i held off as long as i could but soon felt the cum rise and knew i was about to explode i told him he murmured good

i shot my wad and closed my eyes as the feelings took me away it took a little bit but i was finally able to catch my breath i was unable to pull my pants up sitting down so s tood up and as i did he rubbed his hands over my ass i gotta tell you it felt good he whispered let me fuck you and i found myself obeying i bent over bracing myself against the couch he got behind me i heard him spit on his cock then on his fingers which he used to lube my asshole

i flinched as i felt the head ease the petals of my rosebud apart and the thick head i had sucked on before led the rest of his cock into my ass i gritted my teeth as he fucked me slow and easy at first then he gripped my waist and began sliding in and out of me faster and faster i grunted as he used my ass to satisfy his needs

it seemed like forever but was probably only minutes before he was heaving and panting he told me he was gong to cum and he did pulling out to shoot streams of hot cum on my trembling ass cheeks
he led me to the bathroom and helped me clean up then offered to buy me coffee at the restarunt but i told him i needed to get on home he gaveme his phone number but i lost it ive been back to that same store many times but have never seen him again,….

Grandma Friends - Live Cam Moonsilk agreed to have sex with Stepbrother is very Happy 2

Gay Kissing Grandma Friends – Live Cam Moonsilk agreed to have sex with Stepbrother is very Happy Defloration


There were plenty of families with kids, yes kids, from infants to teenagers, and lots of volleyball nets, frisbees and water toys

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