Family Strokes – [Only 3x] Thick Richard doing Orgasm with Amber Adams is very Pleasure Stay In Nightclub 720p HD

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One of those women
who definitely improved with age .

Jessica smiled seductively and dropped the robe
Family Strokes - [Only 3x] Thick Richard doing Orgasm with Amber Adams is very Pleasure Stay In Nightclub 1

Chick Family Strokes – [Only 3x] Thick Richard doing Orgasm with Amber Adams is very Pleasure Stay In Nightclub

Ever scince I remeber he took care of me, I knew they couldent hurt me so I decided to play along for awhile .

Family Strokes - [Only 3x] Thick Richard doing Orgasm with Amber Adams is very Pleasure Stay In Nightclub 2

Gay Uniform Family Strokes – [Only 3x] Thick Richard doing Orgasm with Amber Adams is very Pleasure Stay In Nightclub Homemade

E when there having a bath or shower or late at night while they were getting dressed in to there shorts and vests Jesse started looking and feeling at her tiny mounds on her chest and then looking at Tanya’s and thinking hers were bigger so she said “anya you breasts look bigger then mine what do you think” they were no stranger as to what part of the body was what there mum had given them that talk ages ago “hmm maybe but I think yours will look better when you get older” said Tanya (anya being her nickname) “and my crotch is always itching and I can never quite itch it enough do you get that” said Jesse “sometimes in hot weather yeah but I talked with a friend from school about it and she said I should try masturbating
her dad had shown her how to do it a few months earlyer” said Tanya “oh yeah her who’s dad got arrested a few weeks before the end of school” said Jesse “yeah her, so I did and it worked she showed me how to do it in the school lavatory we still do sometimes we do it to each other sometimes” said Tanya “ewwwwwwwww you felt her crotch thats sick” said Jesse “actually its quite nice and I done more then just feel it she said her dad did other things to her as well like licked her down there and put his Willie in she asked me to lick it as well so I did and it tastes so nice like creamy but different” said Tanya “really you mean it” said Jesse “yeah iv wanted to tell you for ages so you could try it but before I could tell you school finished so we cant go see her till next week” said Tanya “well we could at least try masturbating right I mean you only need your hand for that so iv heard not sure how you do it though” said Jesse “yeah we can its easy you just put your fingers down there and rub and put 1 or 2 fingers in from time to time like this” Tanya pulled down her panties and split her legs reviling her bald hairless pussy not yet fully formed and started to masturbate slowly at first so Jesse could see what she was doing then Jesse followed suit and pulled her panties down and started to feel around and found her pussy and let out a little gasp when she felt it and started to masturbate getting faster to keep up with Tanya soon the 2 girls were properly masturbating them selves and ready to climax when Tanya stopped and said to Jesse “do you mind if I masturbate you for a while I really like the look of your pussy and want to feel it as you climax” “what do you mean by pussy and climax” said Jesse “well pussy is what you got there under your hand its another name for it and climax is when you reach a point while masturbating when you have something called an orgasm and stuff comes out of your pussy” said Tanya “well I dont know I mean you are my sister and all and it would be wired” said Jesse “please” said Tanya “oh ok then if you must” said Jesse “yay thank you sis” Tanya moved over on to Jesse’s bed and move her hand over to her chest and started to rub and move down towards her pussy till finely she reached it and pulled back the skin at either side of her pussy and started to rub Jesse could instantly tell Tanya was better at this then her “ohhhhhhhhhhhhh god anya oh thats so good yeah rub my pussy oh god yeah oh god damn dont stop please” said Jesse Tanya didn’t stop she just got faster and grabbed Jesse’s hand and put it on her own pussy and whispered to Jesse “now you do me” and kissed her on the lips the look of amazement in Jesse’s eye’s didn’t seem to affect Tanya in any way then Tanya said “I do love my sister so very much” then she shoved 2 fingers up her pussy and started to play around inside her pussy “ohhhhhhhhhhh Jesus Christ Tanya what was that” said Jesse “I just slipped 2 fingers in to your pussy if thats ok with you” said tanya “ohhhhhhh god yes dont stop” said Jesse “can I lick it please Jesse” said tanya “ohhhhhhhh mmmm oh oh oh god yes do what ever you want with it” said Jesse with that tanya’s head shot down in to her sisters crotch and started to lick and suck “oh god yes yes yesss thats it that feels so good oh yeah more please anya I want you to show me more” said Jesse “well I could always let you lick me out” said tanya “ohhhh god yes please I want to try it I want to lick your pussy anya I want you to climax in my mouth” said Jesse then tanya moved her hips round over her sisters face and put her pussy down on her face and Jesse started to lick “oh god Jesse thats it that feels soooo good oh yes lick it for me lick it good” said tanya “oh god anya you weren’t lying this tastes better then anything iv ever had in my hole life oh yeah climax for me anya I want you to drip all your stuff in my mouth as I lick your pussy with my tongue mmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy” said Jesse “oh Jesus you lick pussy good im about to cliMAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” said tanya then her body started to jolt “mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…” said Jesse with her sister then sat upright on her face body still jolting “ohhh yes Jesse dont stop sis not yet I not finished” then tanya gave out 3 huge jolts then collapsed on the bed “oh my god Jesse that was amazing iv had good sex with my friend from school but that was just amazing” said tanya “was I really that good” said Jesse “hell yeah you were unbelievable but we should really go outside mum and dad and the others will be waiting for us” tanya leaned over and kissed Jesse on the lips and then they got dressed and went down stairs that night at about 12 o’clock Jesse who was still awake heard the door opening and wondered who it was she thought it was probably mum coming in to get a towel or something from the wardrobe but then who ever it was came and sat on her bed she rolled over and looked up to see it was her dad he was sat half naked on the end of her bed “whats up daddy you look strange?” said Jesse “Jesse your so beautiful so full of life it hurts me to feel what I do but I cant help it” said dad “why daddy what do you feel” said Jesse “well it started earlier today when I came up to go to the toilet and heard something coming from in here so I poked my head round the door to see my 2 little girls licking each others pussy and at first I was gonna come in and stop you till I realised that what you were doing was turning me on so I left it alone till now when I woke up after dreaming about it and want to feel it for my self so I came in here your mother doesn’t know so lets keep this our little secret ok” said dad “ok daddy what do you have in mind for me to do” said Jesse ” I hope your not going to leave me out of this” said tanya as she sat up and turned on the bedroom lamp then both the girls saw there dad in full light he had only a pair boxers on witch were open and his cock coming out he had hold of it slightly and was semi masturbating “here dad let me help you with that” said tanya as she reached over the gap in between the beds and grabbed her dads cock and started to masturbate him slowly at first getting faster “oh daddy its so big and hard I had never imagined it to be like this” said tanya “Jesse you look a little left out do you want to suck it” said dad “yes” said Jesse with a certain urgency about her voice then her dad put his hand on her head and pushed slowly towards his cock until her lips kissed the head and she tasted a bit of his pre-cum “mmmmmmm it tastes nice just like tanya’s pussy” said Jesse as she licked pre-cum from her dads cock then started to suck it at first she could only take the head it was big but as she got used to it in her mouth she got more and more of it in her mouth until more then half was in her mouth and she started bobbing her head up and down in motion with tanya’s hand they sat like that for 20 minutes getting moans from Jesse and the odd grunt from there dad until he ejaculated in Jesse’s mouth “oh baby here it comes get ready to swallow it all” said dad Jesse got ready to take all her daddy’s cum in her mouth then with 5 power ful squirts he emptied his load in his daughters mouth and Jesse swallowed every last drop
“oh god baby you suck cock so good oh my god your amazing” said dad then the door flew open and in walked there mother, dad shot up and tried to look innocent “what the blinking hell is going on in here” said mum “its not what it looks like I promise I was just talking to them” said dad “oh really is that why Jesse face has got spunk all over it and has tanya’s hand dont give me that mr innocent look get out of my house you sick fuck” said mum “but… bu… let me explain” said dad “GET OUT!!!!!!!!!” said mum then dad moving so fast he stumbled out of the bedroom door down stairs and in to the street still only in his boxers mum came over and sat on Jesse’s bed and sat and looked at us for awhile the she saw that Jesse was masturbating very slowly “Jesse you dont have to do that because daddy told you to” said mum ” I know but daddy didn’t tell me to tanya showed me how to do it earlier then we had sex with each other and know I love the taste of women’s pussy’s and men’s willie’s could I taste your pussy please mum” said Jesse amazed and taken back by what her daughter had just said she thought for a while till eventually she started to get turned on by the idea of having sex with her daughter’s “no” said mum “not yet anyway I want to lick your bald pussy first if thats ok with you” “yes thats fine id love you to lick me out mummy” said Jesse then mum laid down on the bed on her back and told Jesse to sit on her face so Jesse did and her mum pulled her closer and started to lick getting faster and harder “mmmmmmmm oh yes mummy oh yes lick my pussy lick it please ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Jesse then tanya got up and moved over to her mums pussy and started to play with it to see how much see could fit inside her mum 1 finger sliped in to easy so did 3,4 and 5 so then tanya tried fisting her mum she had heard at school from her friend how her dad did it to her once 1 of tanya’s small hands more then fitted in there was room to spare so she went deeper and deeper all the way to her elbow still loads of room so she put the other arm in again all the way to the elbow and the she started to really hear her mum groaning they stayed like that way in to the night and in the morning awoke to find all 3 of them on the floor in the twins room they got up got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast and promised to have as much fun every night as what they had had the night before and so when it came to Jesse and tanya moving out at the age of 17 of course they got a place together

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