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Craig was a little nervous, but knew this is what he needed in his life at the present time . Craig was feeling drunk on cum, but savored that wonderful juice as Beth kissed him passionately on the lips
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Teacher Aj Applegate and her perfect booty (7 min)

” “Did I ask for special provisions?” I said and he said, “No, Either two in my ass and one in puss or two in the pussy and one in the ass .

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Wild Amateurs Aj Applegate and her perfect booty (7 min) Teenage Porn

After the first kiss she wanted more soon we where making out I couldn’t believe it I was making out with the hottest teacher in school while I played with her tits and she stroked my cock ! After a few minutes of making out with her loving her cherry flavored lips I broke the kiss you can taste it if you like I said smiling she didn’t think and fell on her knees slowly kissing and Licking the tip looking up to me with those eyes that makes every man’s heart melt

After a few more seconds she wanted more and started to suck it hard and deep I just stood there my hands in my neck enjoying my teacher’s mouth like a true king I enjoyed every second of it looking down smiling as her , her soft little mouth around my member she keeps looking up to me and tries a few deeptroaths but gags a little she pulls out to breath I’m sorry James I can’t take it all its such so strong and big she says looking up to me don’t worry jenny we will work on that now I want you to take those shorts of i say she did not need any more encouragement and dropped them off revealing her G string and Shaven pussy, xvideos5.info.

I smiled and slowly pulled her g string down admiring her shaven entrance , slowly  I got on my knees and started to eat her out she just moaned out trough the complete class room as I kept pleasuring her with my tongue ooh James right there ooh fuck ! she moaned out after a few minutes of moans I decided to go for the main event that sweet looking pussy

I stood up and placed myself at her entrance teasing her a little bit with my cock I love you so much jenI say looking in her eyes I love you to James she says to me as I slowly start to push in not to hard I didn’t want to hurt her she moaned out her eyes rolled to the back of her head as I sank deep in her loving every inch ooh fuck yeah that feels good James she moans out as I slowly started to build up a pace getting in a speed we both loved not to fast not to slow just perfect

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